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(PUCRIO) In the sentence “One reason TV can become instructive, when parents explain why children should not copy what they saw”, the word can expresses the idea of:

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(ESCOLA NAVAL) In which alternative is the idea expressed by the modal verb INCORRECTLY stated in brackets?

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Janet: Look, our boat is sinking!

Peter: Oh, dear! Can you swim?

Janet: Yes, but we won’t have to, there’s a life boat on board.

In the above dialogue, the verbs CAN and HAVE TO express respectively __________ and __________.

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“One never builds something finished”:
the brilliance of architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Oliver Wainwright
February 4, 2017

“All space is public,” says Paulo Mendes da Rocha. “The only private space that you can imagine is in the human mind.” It is an optimistic statement from the 88-year-old Brazilian architect, given he is a resident of São Paulo, a city where the triumph of the private realm over the public could not be more stark. The sprawling megalopolis is a place of such marked inequality that its superrich hop between their rooftop helipads because they are too scared of street crime to come down from the clouds.

But for Mendes da Rocha, who received the 2017 gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects this week – an accolade previously bestowed on such luminaries as Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright – the ground is everything. He has spent his 60-year career lifting his massive concrete buildings up, in gravity-defying balancing acts, or else burying them below ground in an attempt to liberate the Earth’s surface as a continuous democratic public realm. “The city has to be for everybody,” he says, “not just for the very few.”

(www.theguardian.com. Adaptado.)

No trecho do segundo parágrafo “The city has to be for everybody”, a expressão em destaque pode ser substituída, sem alteração de sentido, por

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In the fragment from the second paragraph – These connections may allow access to the Internet, for example to show computers in a store…” – the word in bold indicates

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Qual das alternativas abaixo está incorreta?

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Qual a tradução correta da frase abaixo?

When I was in hospital, I couldn't get out of bed.

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