Questões de Concurso: Substantivos em inglês

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As palavras bread, rice e spaghetti são substantivos incontáveis. Analise as frases abaixo e depois aponte o que elas têm em comum.

I. I only bought a loaf of bread.

II. She bought a kilogram of rice.

III. We need 450 grams of spaghetti for the recipe.

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(VPNE) - The plural of wife, goose, mouse and hero are:

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Os substantivos cofffe, tea, juice e water são substantivos incontáveis. Analise as frases abaixo em relação ao plural:

I.  She drank four cups of coffee.

II. Could you please give me some tea?

III. She brought a jar of lemon juice.

IV. I need a glass of water.

Quais das frases estão corretas?

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Analise as frases abaixo:

I. He needs a piece of advice regarding his job.

II. They need some help.

III. We had a lot of fun at the party.

O que elas têm em comum?

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Analise as frases abaixo:

I. Laura has black hairs.

II. The tourist guide gave us some informations about the museum.

III. Bob has green eyes.

Quais delas estão CORRETAS?

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Na Língua Inglesa há regras específicas para a construção do plural dos substantivos.

A seguir, encontra-se um pequeno trecho de um texto sobre inteligências múltiplas cujos substantivos que estão entre parênteses no singular, deverão ser escritos na forma plural.

[...] Linguistic - using ___________ (word) effectively. These ____________ (learner) like reading, taking notes in their ________ (class), making up poetry or ___________(story). Interpersonal - understanding, interacting with others. These ______________ (student) learn through interaction. They like group ___________ (activity), ____________ (seminar), __________ (debate), _________ (interview). Logical-Mathematical - reasoning, calculating. __________ (Person) who excel in this intelligence like to experiment, solve ____________ (puzzle) play with logic __________ (game), read about ___________ (investigation), and solve ___________ (mystery).

Assinale a alternativa que completa correta e respectivamente as lacunas considerando os plurais de substantivos em inglês americano.

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Texto associado.



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Examples of countable nouns are:

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